Vince Gironda was a famous trainer of many of the legendary pros of lore.  He worked with the top studs like Arnold!  He was the real deal and innovative.

He used different ideas of what he found to be effective for training, nutrition and posing.  He was the guy to go to for becoming the best.

His 8×8 training program is something that you can imagine is gross.

Well as I love making things harder here is 8×8 for you to give a try.  It is hard, brutal and effective.

8×8 has several key points:

  • 8 sets of 8 reps per exercise
  • Full body training
  • 45-60 seconds rest between sets for large muscles
  • 25-30 seconds rest between sets for small muscles
  • Every other day training at the most otherwise use 3 days a week with a rest day in between
Chest – Bench Press to Neck
Upper Back – Pullups to nipple line
Triceps – 1.5 rep dumbell skulls
Delts – Lateral Raises
Biceps – Dumbell Preachers
Calves – Standing Calf Raises
Hamstrings – Reverse Hamstring Curls
Quads – Hack Squat
Warm ups can be simple cardio for 10 minutes and light stretching.  At first you might be able to get a heavy set or two but quickly your body will respond to the rapid rest periods.  As the weeks progress feel free to use different exercises and change the order around.  Always strive to push the rest periods a little more while adding a little more weight.  Something will have to give but you will also gain alot of quality muscle while being in some amazing shape.  
Give it a try.

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