How to: Adductor and abductor training

Adductor and abductor training, two exercises that are rarely mentioned when it comes to working out. Some people feel that there is just no benefit to these exercises. Others feel that the actual workouts bring unwanted attention from gym spectators. Just as with any exercise, working the inner and outer thigh muscles is a necessary benefit to your training. Whether you agree or disagree with incorporating adductor/abductor training into your routine is your choice but the exercises are still worth taking a second look from a broader perspective before ruling them completely out as being a beneficial source for training.

The adductor muscles are made up of a group of muscles originating on the ischium and pubis bones, ADDUCTOR TRAINING
and inserting on the medial posterior of the femur. When training these muscles, you are actually training the inside of the thigh. In order to train this muscle group by use of the adductor machine, you are simply placing your knees against the outside of the padded area of the adductor equipment, selecting a weight that will create tension, while allowing you to press your knees against the padding, bringing them together from their separated start position. (WATCH INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO) –

The abductor muscles are made up of a group of four muscles located around the buttocks on both sides of the body. The main function of the abductors is to separate the legs from the midline of the body. When training these muscles, you are actually training the outside of the hip/gluteal area. When performing your exercise on the abductor machine, you will place your knees on the inside of the padded area and select a weight that will create tension, and then push your knees outward against the padding, separating them from their start position. (WATCH INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO) – ABDUCTOR TRAINING

The best way to remember adductor from abductor is to note that adductor begins with knees apart, bringing the knees together, working the inner thigh and abductor begins with knees together and spreading outward which works the outer thigh. Just remember that adductor means to “add” and abductor means to “take away”

When these exercises are done correctly, there is no way that you will not feel the effects of their training. Some people say they’ve performed these exercises but didn’t feel anything nor see the benefit. Well, the only way you will not feel these exercises working your hip area, is if you perform them incorrectly.One of the first things you will need to do is select a weight that is resistent enough for you to not breeze through the movement but comfortable enough for you to perform at least 15 repetitions. There are seating variations to these exercises, as well. For both adductor and abductor, you can create a more intense movement that will be tougher to perform by leaning your body forward. In fact, with the right tension and proper execution of the movements, it should become more and more difficult to complete each set. Sometimes, depending on your body, you may not feel as if you’ve trained your adductor/abductor muscles right away. However, if you do train them correctly, you will know it in at least a day or so because you will definitely feel it.

Men often frown on adductor/abductor exercises for themselves because somehow, many of them come to associate it with femininity. However, these exercises benefit both males and females alike and are great tools to incorporate into your training routine.

The adductor/abductor machines are not miracle workers designed to take away from other training needed to reduce body fat and add definition. These exercises are simply tools you can use in your routines mainly to assist in toning or shaping the thighs and glutes. The single set of exercises alone will not rid your thighs of fat and cause them to become lean. This is perhaps why adductor/abductor exercises don’t get much recognition. People are, for the most part, misinformed about the exercises being this “miracle fat remover”. But just as with any other exercise you perform, losing weight and shaping your body happens through weight training, diet and the consistency of both. The exercises are merely tools that help the changes to occur faster. When various exercises work together over a period of time, that is how the body transforms, not from just one single movement.

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