Boulder Shoulders

Dane knows that big shoulders exude power and strength!

I would only do this once a week. Someone with better recovery might be able to do it on a rotating routine of 3 sessions in 2 weeks.

You can use whatever equipment you have handy. The movements are what really matters. If you can’t do upright rows substitute for slow rep shrugs or Kelso rows.  Try and keep the weights the same for all of the sets unless you are just too shot to get in any reps.

Delt Blast: One NASTY SET!
Shoulder Press 8-12 reps
Upright Rows 8-12 reps
Shoulder Press 6-8 reps (less reps cause of fatigue)
Upright Rows 6-8 reps
Shoulder Press 4-6 reps
Upright Rows 4-6 reps
21’s (dumbell laterals done in 3 directions)

STRETCH. DONE. You can drop the weight if you need to as the sets progress because of fatigue as well. It all depends on what you can do.

Again, there are lots of routines. This is just one.

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