Bodyweight Training


5 sets of Push Ups. Do as many as you can do. Make sure you go slow with them.

3 sets Incline Push Ups. (put your feet on a chair and do a normal push up.)

5 sets of Close Grip Push Ups. (put hands together and do a normal push up.)

3 sets of Dips as many reps you can do. Use two chairs or tables.

Triceps Dips (OPTIONAL) Get 2 chairs and sit on one chair and then put your feet on the other chair. Then lower yourself down so you can dip down with your arms.

Day 2: LEGS

5 sets of wall squats (lay against the wall, put your feet out so when you squat down you knees do not go over your toes. Now squat down to about level, then hold that position for 5 seconds and then press up. Make sure your back is against the wall totally.)

5 sets of One Legged Squats (squat down on one leg while holding onto the wall.**these are very hard if you cannot do them then try Sissy squats. Sissy Squats =hold on to the wall, lean back and squat down.

5 sets of Lunges as many as you can do for 3 sets.

Calve Raises 5 sets (just get a board and do them with one foot at a time)

Day 3: Off


Find a place to do pull us on or make a pull up bar. Do 5 sets to the front of as many reps as you can do to the front over hand grip.

Underhand pull ups 5 sets of what ever you can do.

If you do not have any weights you can use 5 gallon white buckets full of water or dirt for dumbbell curls. Don’t tell me you can’t find a bucket!!! Go to a paint store. Do 5 sets of 10-12 reps.

Bucket shrugs. Fill 5 gallon buckets up with water and shrug with them.


Military presses (How to do them. Okay take your buckets and then tie a rope on them and then attach a handle on them (make a handle out of PVC pipe). Make sure you have at least 2 feet of slack. Now, press up with the handles. Have the rope in front of your arms. Do 5 sets till failure. You can use sand bags too for this. That is what I used.

Side laterals use the rope with the buckets and take some weight out of them. 5 sets till failure.

Day 6: Off

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