High Intensity Interval Workout

Session 1: All 4 exercises done in successive order which is 1 round; 60 seconds rest between rounds; perform as many rounds as possible in a 30 minute time limit.

Flat Bench Press
shoulder width grip
15 reps

Wide grip
May have to do negatives if can’t do reps (jump up and then negative down)
AMAP (as many as possible)
watch overextending at the bottom of the movement

Squat Thrusts
20 reps

comfortable grip most likely in the medium range
Be careful at the bottom position not to overstretch and strain the AC joint/shoulder

Session 2: Rounds will be a total of 5 while decreasing reps as the rounds progress while using the same weights.
Round 1- 20 reps
Round 2- 15 reps
Round 3- 10 reps
Round 4- 8 reps
Round 5- 4-6 reps

Start the session with planks for as long as can hold.

Power Upright Rows
Squat down to a bar similar to deadlifting but standing with a wider stance while holding the bar in the middle
Power the weight up while pulling the bar all the way to the mid chest to chin region

Hammer Iso Rows
Two arms at the same time with whatever grip is preferred
Do not turn this into some crazy leaning back movement
Squeeze the elbows behind the body while finishing with the shoulder blades being brought together

Use the preferred method of bar placement
Stand with a shoulder width stance
Squat as deep as possible preferably where the top of the knee is below the crease of the hip

Finish Session 3 with another set of planks for endurance.

Session 3: This session is about doing each exercise for 60 seconds but still completed in rounds. Rest for 60 seconds between rounds. Complete 5 rounds.

Standing Overhead Press
Use of the legs is permitted but do not be excessive
Lockout at the top

Engage good shoulder flexion by keeping the bar in line with center of gravity (overhead) and squeezing the traps to finish at the top of movement

curl grip
they may have to do negatives if can’t do reps (jump up and then negative down)
watch overextending at the bottom of the movement

conventional stance or shoulder width
use double overhand grip
Squat down
Keep head and chest up which will keep the butt down
Pull hard through the heels
As the bar gets to the knees drive the hips forward
Be careful to pull back at the top of the lockout while not leaning back and hyper-extending the back

Leg Raises
use a dip bar to hold themselves up with arms locked while lifting legs straight out; knees to the chest as alternate

Tire Changer Squats
This is a deep squatting movement that will hold a plate out in front of the body
Hold a 25 lb plate straight out with both arms
Elbows can be slightly bent to keep strain limited
Squat down to calves while keeping an upright position; if you are looking at the floor you are leaning too much

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