Monday is upon us.  Despite Garfield cartoons feeding into the negative notion of Monday being sent from the bowels of hell really we’ve arrived at a moment of opportunity!  Monday for many of us is the starting line for the race we run.  If you aren’t happy with your race fix it.  It is that simple and that hard.

Monday,starting line or not, is just a time of POTENTIAL ENERGY so to speak.  There must be a catalyst that sparks the race.  YOU ARE THAT CATALYST.  It doesn’t matter if no one else believes in you either!  What matters is DO YOU?  Come Wednesday or Thursday when you feel like giving in to apathy; scrolling Facebook or Instagram instead of taking another step toward your goals in your race, YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS TO SEE IT THROUGH.  It is your race, your dream, your vision to see it and take it!

Start Sunday night reconditioning your mind to be ready and excited for the opportunity to run your race with excellence!

My love to you all!  Make it happen!