Massive G’s old 3/1 split:

Old post from about 2007 at from a member known as Massive G.

It was 3 on 1 off push pull legs of course and first day of (push for example) was heavy then the next training day for that body part was “light”.

As mentioned previously… basically since day one I have always done push pull and legs. The set rep scheme has changed and the amount of rest between work outs but I always settled on the split above.

I started of on 3 on 1 off and a heavy and light day meaning first work out heavy lower rep range and the second one 8-12 reps and using different exercises via a rotation.

Here is a sample-I don’t even have to look in my journal I remember it like it was yesterday.

I had been very athletic since the age of 4 playing baseball and football and wrestling but only had a passing fancy with resistance exercises like chins push up etc. I started serious bb’ing at age 18 at around 200 lbs.

Looking back in my journals and memory as I got stronger and stronger I systematically reduced my sets and reps and tried every different program out there..HIT variants, more volume, 2 times a day 3 times a day training etc etc. and settled on a lower set EOD program which I know use to maintain gains, and if ever going back to bulk will use to gain again-some know this as DC training.

Day one legs and calves (the set numbers include warm-ups pyramiding up of course.)
Leg Extensions-3 x 12-8
Squats-4-5 x 10-4
Leg Press-3-4 x 10-6

Lying leg curl-4 x 10-6
Stiff leggeds-3 x 10-6

Standing calf-5 x 12-6

Day 2 Chest Shoulders and Triceps
Bench Press-4 x 10-4
Incline Dbell Presses-4 x 10-6
Flat Db flyes-3 x 10-6

Presses B/Neck-4 x 10-6
Side Laterals-3-4 x 10-6
Upright rows-3 x 10-6

Lying Triceps Extenstions-4 x 10-6
Close grip Bench-3 x 10 -6

DAY 3 Back biceps Abs forearms
Chins-4 x 10-6
BB rows-3 x 10-6
LAT pulldowns-3 x 10-6
Deadlifts-4 x 10-6

BB curls-4 x 10-6
Db Preacher curls-4 x 10-6

Reverse BB Curls-3 x 10-6
BB Wrist Curls 3 x 10-6

Incline weighted crunches-4 x 10-6
Lying bench leg raises-3 x 10-6


Leg extentions-3-4 x 12-8
Front Squats-4 x 12-8
Hack Squats-4 x 12-8

Standing leg curls – 4 x 12-8
Good mornings – 4 x 12-8

Seated calf-5 x 15-8

DAY 5 Chest Shoulders Triceps
Incline Presses-4 x 12-8
Db bench-4 x 12-8
Incline flyes-3 x 12-8
Dips- 3 x 12-8

DB presses-4 x 12-8
BB FRONT Laterals-3 x 12-8
DB bent Laterals- 3x 12-8
BB Shrugs-4 x 12-8

Pushdowns-3 x 12-8
Dips 3 x 12-8
Seated French presses -3 x 12-8

DAY 6 BACK Biceps abs forearms
V-Bar Chins – 4 x12-8
Db rows one arm- 3 x 10-8
Reverse grip Pull downs- 3 x 10-8
Seated Cable Rows- 3 x10-8

BB Preachers-4 x 12-8
DB Curls-4 x 12-8

BB Wrist Curls-3 x 12-8
Hammer Curls-3 x 12-8

Rope Crunches-4 x 12-8
Hanging Leg Raises- 3 x 12-8


REPEAT cycle

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