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  • So I get up early and do the dad thing with taking kids to school, taking dogs out for a walk around the complex. I have lite, medium, and heavy resistance bands that I use to warm up with. I jump rope to the tune of sixty skips to get the blood flowing. My power rack has a lat attachment that I use for lat pull downs, triceps push down, rope triceps extension, and other exercises that I can do a thirty minute early morning workout. Probably about 3 in the afternoon I do squats and deadlifts at a 25% of my max for “rep to failure”. I feel that as long as I get a good pump out if these routines I can achieve a toning of mucle mass. I eat a decent breakfast and use whey mixture to supplement a meal. I do this on a 3-4 day deal to maintain an active weightlifting regimine.


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