Essentials in competing and training


Make sure the singlets are within the rules of the federation you compete in. Please don’t just assume especially because of regional event let you wear it and then someone that is actually enforcing the rules says “No. You can’t wear that to compete in.” I have seen it happen ALOT. Know the rules!
Amazon is always an option where I purchased before.

10 or 13mm refers to the thickness of the belt.  A beginner especially female will be fine with a 10mm. If they company has in stock that is great but some take a while to have made so plan ahead. All belts will need to be 4″ in height. It is standard.  Also Velcro is generally a no go…and poor quality anyway.

Knee sleeves
SBD is great and the long lasting standard. Are they essential? No. Great for training and keep the joints warm. Know the rules for your federation that you compete in. Is one federation ok while another isnt BUT you plan on competing in a couple of different feds? Cross reference and see what will make the most sense financially. Keep it simple in the end.

Wrist wraps
YES! USE THEM! Notice I said wraps not straps. Protect the wrists as much as possible please. Benching and yes squatting can beat your wrists up. You don’t want to be some old hip replaced, has-been with wrist issues because he didn’t use enough preventative care…I have heard.

Wraps can be softer material or very stiff which for some is distracting and uncomfortable. If you have the option start with a softer wrap and go from there. Again find out the rules for the length of wrap you are allowed to have in competition.

Additional tools I recommend:
Having bands up to an average band for most is pretty fantastic if financially affordable

Bench Blokz
Great to have the 1/2 board all the way to 5 board. Saves on the shoulders and let’s you do overload work.
ProLoc Collars
Fat grips
Standard blue is perfect!
Tourniquets (blood flow restriction training)
Lacrosse balls or “peanuts” are great to always have for self care.

“But wait! You didn’t mention shoes Shawn.”

No I didn’t. I have watched the industry capitalize on the shoe “need” for lifters. In general, your squat sucks because you are weak in some capacity. That can be fixed. Adding a shoe isn’t the issue. The fractional differences isn’t worth addressing. Wear a firm stable shoe. Leave it at that.

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