Coaching by Shawn Bellon

I help people get STRONGER and lift more weights.


School teacher, author, strength coach, wellness coordinator, world class strength athlete and mental health advocate.  Yep, I have experienced many wonderful opportunities in my life.

I have been a strength coach for about 25 years. I have written for magazines, set records, worked for top supplement companies and been the  “guy” in the industry.  All of those experiences have allowed me to learn and grow while building my personal training company, Raw Power Training Systems, and now as Coaching by Shawn Bellon.  I work with clients in person, online and conducting speaking seminars for athletes and coaches.  Additionally, I am speaking and educating on wellness topics: mental health and health & fitness.  I love to use weight training as the foundation to help direct a person’s wellness.  However, I work to create a plan that is made for the individual not some preconceived notion.

My mission: Improving the quality of life for individuals through strength training, corrective exercise, stress management, mobility instruction and mental health education.  I have worked with so many different types of athletes that you can imagine.  But my mission is always the same for myself.  I don’t waiver from wanting to improve the lives of each lifter USING lifting as a vehicle for more.

Many people are aware of my support for mental health reform and education.  I believe that wellness for all is possible.  I have personally watched lives transform using lifting and other tools to improve the quality of life.

Interested?  Contact me to sign up today.

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